Kennel Pain-Riche is located between Linköping and Norrköping in southern Sweden. The kennel is run by Gunnar and Gittan Hemmingsson.

Kennel Pain-Riche is run by Birgitta "Gittan" & Gunnar Hemmingsson, Gunnar is the one responsible for the hunting and tracking with the dogs and he is also a certified tracking judge. Gittan is mainly responsible for the breeding part, showing the dogs, and running the kennel. 

      Kennel Pain-Riche was founded  in 1981, but with the race Basset Hound. We had our first litter in 1985, with a bitch that was imported from Finland and named Longbody´s Pain-Riche. Kennel Pain-Riche became our name and Longbody´s Pain-Riche, also called Fläckis,  became the kennel's main bitch. 
       After a couple of years we also started breeding the race Basset Artésien Normand and our first  bitch was called Konungsunds Comtess. Throughout the years we've had lots of imports from countries such as Finland, Denmark, France and Croatia.
       We have a lot of beautiful memories together with our dogs, everywhere from the showring to the hunting...and we've gotten to know many nice people, which we are very thankful for. 
    Kennel Pain-Riche would like to give many thanks to other kennels such as Kennel Longbody's, Konungsunds Kennel, Kennel Around, Nightdreams Kennel and Black Majesty Kennel.  They have all provided us with beautiful dogs throughout the years, and it's thanks to them our kennel today exists.